Reasons You Should Buy a Convertible

Posted on Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 10:05

There is an irreplaceable thrill that you get when driving a convertible, mainly because of the multiple turning heads as you drive along the street. So, it’s safe to say that convertibles attract plenty of people. And it’s no surprise to that, is it? There’s something greatly unique about driving a convertible, because, let’s face it, nothing compares to an open-air driving experience. Now, if you have been back and forth about purchasing a convertible yourself, here are the main reasons you should no longer postpone it! 

Best driving experience

When thinking about driving a convertible, we relate it to a sunny, clear day, right? Driving a convertible in the clear, refreshing breeze seems like an awesome experience. And it truly is. The concept of an open driving experience is utterly attractive and appealing to the greater majority of enthusiast drivers. While driving a convertible, the driver experiences a set of feelings of excitement that are utterly distinct from driving a regular vehicle.

Convertibles are fun

Driving a convertible is fun and exciting, and you don’t necessarily have to speed so that you enjoy the most out of it. Driving a convertible on a slower speed is fun too. Having the wind run through your hair, the sunshine on your face and the scent of the nature surrounding you will complete your driving experience and offer you a unique feeling. Plus, no need for air conditioning during that unbearable summer heat, which is always a plus!

Sense of freedom

The lack of a roof surely makes the drivers feel a sense of freedom they didn’t experience before. Driving a car has never been more deliberating and relaxing than this.

Retractable roofs

In the case of a sudden storm or change of weather, you don’t have to worry about pulling off and manually closing the roof, as this might be quite inconvenient while driving.

Smaller risk of crashes

It seems that convertibles are less likely to get into crashes, according to surveys conducted in this domain. Because driving a convertible is cool without the speed factor, right? So, before purchasing your dream convertible, look up its insurance risk score online, and have this aspect checked.

The cons


Even though driving a convertible is all about getting immersed in the beautiful surroundings, you still have to deal with plenty of noise. Plus, even with the top up, convertibles tend to be noisier compared to regular vehicles.


An increased amount of leaks is something every convertible owner deals with. While the materials of the roofs have improved a lot during the last couple of years, there is still little chance of having water leaks inside the car, especially during the winter season.

Interior ageing

Given the increased exposure to sun and wind, the interior of your convertible is prone to ageing a lot faster, as compared to other vehicles – especially if you wish to opt for the popular leather seats.

Diminished security

Sadly enough, thieves may easily break into your beautiful convertible given the material of the roof.

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