Car Insurance

The team at Savvy aren’t just passionate about finding you the best deals on chattel mortgages; we’re also all about finding you the lowest car insurance premiums with the most extras! Using Savvy’s network of car insurance partners, we search high and low to find you and your business the best car insurance deal on the market!

We access a wide range of policies and premiums that suit every business and customer. Savvy is an insurance broker so we take the hard part out of finding car insurance. We weigh up policies and benefits for you and give you a range of choices. We can find you low cost premiums that include:

  • ​​Choice of repairer
  • ​​Public liability coverage
  • ​​Agreed or market value
  • ​​Emergency accommodation – If you break down in transit
  • ​​Car replacement in the event of total loss
  • ​​Flexible excess
  • ​​Roadside assistance
  • ​​Coverage for multiple drivers
  • ​​Discounts on insuring fleets of vehicles
  • ​​…and more!

Bundle your insurance with your chattel mortgage

One of the many advantages of taking up a chattel mortgage with Savvy is in addition to the low rates and flexible terms of your chattel mortgage; you can also include your insurance premium as part of the loan itself. Don’t sacrifice your cash flow in paying lump sums for your premium every year. Amortise the cost of your insurance with a chattel mortgage. That means you’ll be paying off the insurance costs with every weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment.

You can bundle other extras in your chattel mortgage, such as regular servicing, maintenance and necessary equipment such as roof racks or tow bars.

By pairing with a trusted insurance broker like Savvy, you get real commercial weight behind you if you have to claim. If your chosen insurer is making life hard for you, we can exert pressure on them so you can get what you’re owed and quickly. We can also act as mediator between yourself and your insurer so you can always have peace of mind.

If you’re tired of paying too much for your car insurance and want to bundle it with your chattel mortgage, use our chattel mortgage repayment calculator and see how much it could cost to amortise your insurance over the life of your loan.

Want a more detailed quote? Use our online quote system and see how much you can save! Apply now or give one of our insurance broking professionals a call now on ??? – you’ll save more on insurance with Savvy!